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Lastopet ry is a student board for early education teacher students that was established in 1977. We operate on the campus of Rauma that belongs to the University of Turku and we are a part of the TYY student boards. Our members are all students on campus that have paid the membership fee.

The board's purpose is to represent our members and oversee their common juridical, educational and social benefits. We also aim to better and secure the development, care and status of children.

To fulfill our purpose and reach our goal we organize events and different kinds of courses. We also work together with the other boards on campus and other associates. Our activities and actions are planned to support our education and to be a good way to spend free time.

It is the board's job to represent itself externally, to monitor the board's internal actions, to implement the decisions of the board meetings, to handle practical issues and the board's finances, to prepare the board meetings and convening them, to make initiatives to promote the boards activities and actions alongside other assignments that are given to the board.



Satamakatu 5, 26100 Rauma 

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